Who we are

Who we are


In the early 1990s, the Thai government sought to develop the debt market as an important alternative funding source aside from funding through existing financial institutions and the stock market. Thus, the idea of establishing a credit rating agency emerged. The Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Thailand promoted the establishment of a credit rating agency that would evaluate the creditworthiness of debt securities and assist investors in decision - making. The Industrial Finance Corporation of Thailand acted as the key institution, by order of the Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Thailand, and founded Thai Rating and Information Services Co., Ltd. or “TRIS” in July 1993. TRIS was approved by the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as Thailand’s first credit rating agency and started the credit rating business on 27 July 1993.



Our Values : "Consulting at its best"

With strong determination to achieve our vision and mission, TRIS upholds the highest standards and ethics, and adheres to our core values to guide our operations and how we deliver results.

Consulting at its best

High Caliber

Our personnel are well educated and well trained, with hands-on experiences to assure world-class standards of our services. We believe in life-long learning, thus TRIS supports and provides continuous development to our personnel to enhance even better consulting services for our clients.

High Quality

Our quality has been recognized and appreciated over the past 20 years. TRIS has been responsible to key projects in Thailand in both public and private sectors reflecting our clients’ trust in TRIS high standards of quality.

Heartful Service

Our service is based on sincerity and our commitment to total satisfaction. We believe that our clients’ success is our success. Wholeheartedly we are here ready and willing to be your partner for success together hand in hand.



TRIS provides consulting services to private,independent, and public organizations, including state enterprises.
Our mission is to help our clients improve their performance to foster growth, sustainabillity, and competitiveness.

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Our proud achievements include serving as:

• A consultant to evaluate key business processes/systemssuch as risk management, internal audit, internal control information management, or human resource management to over 50 private and state enterprises;
• A performance evaluation consultant to over 50 state enterprises under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance since 1995;
• A performance evaluation consultant to over 200 government agencies, and to over 20 public organization
under the supervision of the Office of the Public Sector Development Commission since 2003;
• A performance evaluation consultant to over 60 government funds under the supervision of the Ministry of

• A performance evaluation consultant to independent agencies, such as the Office of the Anti - Corruption Commission, the Office of The Narcotics Control Board, the Office of The Attorney General, and The National Telecommunications Commission;
• An executive performance evaluation consultant to several leading organizations;
• A governance rating consultant and a governance consultant to the Office of The Securities and Exchange
Commission and the Stock Exchange of Thailand; and
• A consultant for outstanding state enterprises (SOE Awards) and for outstanding listed companies, securities companies and mutual fund management companies (SET Awards) for the Ministry of Finance and The Stock Exchange of Thailand, respectively