Performance Evaluation

This service was initiated in 1995, and since has
applied world - class best practices and international standard
models and techniques such as Balanced Scorecard.

Economic Value Management (EVM) and Benchmarking to evaluate the performance of organizations, executives and individuals as well as projects. This service includes:
• Designing both qualitative and quantitative key
performance indicators (KPIs)
• Conducting executive performance or CEO
• Auditing organizational performance and KPI systems
• Assessing and monitoring efficiency, effectiveness, and the investment justification of projects, including asset
• Setting up performance systems and KPI manuals

Enterprise Risk Management

Changing environments, the uncertainty of internal and external factors, and fierce competition have made implementation and execution of organizations’ strategies and business plans subject to failure. Well - designed risk management systems will ensure
organizations can achieve their objectives and goals for competitiveness and sustainable growth in the long run.

The topic of risk management systems in Thailand is quite new. Many Thai organizations
still lack systematic procedures to manage risk. However, there are established international guidelines and principles for systematic risk management such as COSO (Committee of
Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission) and AS / NZS 4360. TRIS has
experience in risk management consulting engagements, having conducted risk management evaluations for over 50 prominent private and state enterprises. This service includes :
• Designing an enterprise risk management system (COSO’s ERM)
• Assessing enterprise risk management systems to identify potential
improvements / gaps compared with international standards or best practices
• Risk identification and risk review
• Proposing corporate risk management manuals and risk treatment / mitigation plans.



Perfomance Improvement Consulting

TRIS designs and evaluates key business processes,
and provides sound and practical solutions to improve and
develop operational excellence.

This service includes :
• Internal control consulting
• Information management consulting
• Performance management system consulting
• Human resource management / human resourcedevelopment / job competency consulting
• Business / strategic planning, strategy auditconsulting
• Organization restructuring consulting

Good Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility

TRIS was honored by the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission to rate the governance practices
of companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. TRIS developed a rating methodology and model based on
international standards and practices, such as the OECD’s guidelines on corporate governance.

At the same time, the methodology also adhered to the context of the Thai culture and the Thai business environment. TRIS was among the first in Asia to provide a governance rating service.From our experience and expertise. TRIS is well - suited for corporate governance consulting. Organizations can benefitfrom having good governance principles, guidelines and practices. Moreover, along with promoting the adoption of good corporate governance practices. TRIS can help businesses with their corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. CSR activities can harmonize business integrity with social and environmental concerns leading to improved sustainability.

Quality Assesment Report - QAR

From our experience in evaluating the internal audit systems of state enterprises, including leading organizations in Thailand. 

TRIS believes that we can bring our experience and expertise to help a potential client company evaluate its internal audit system and prepare a Quality Assessment Report (QAR). This service will provide valuable feedback and recommendations to organizations to develop their internal audit systems for greater control and improved performance.

Survey and Business Research Service

TRIS also conducts surveys such as satisfaction surveys or marketing surveys, and provides business research to help organizations make informed decisions and formulatebetter strategies. Our services include questionnaire design, data collection and data analysis. All are conducted with high standards and practices to reflect our clients’ needs.

TRIS has been selected to conduct surveys to assist the Ministry of Finance and the Stock Exchange of Thailand for the prestigious State - Owned - Enterprise (SOE) and the SET Awards. TRIS can provide this service to any organization
wishing to improve its performance through an internal system